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Other Partner Events

Edmonton Workshop: Monday , September 27, 2017 1-4pm
River View Room , Shaw Conference Centre , 9797 Jasper Ave, Edmonton

Calgary Workshop; Wednesday, September 27, 2017 1-4pm
CIVIC on Third, 130- 3 Ave SE, Calgary

The autumn of 2017 will see a return of the RAIL Commons conference, which was developed to address the large gap in educational training opportunities focused on rural community and economic development. RAIL Commons will be an exceptional learning forum for counicllors,mayors, CAOs , economic and community development professionals and students from across the province.

Are you a farmer,ranhcer, or acreage owner with a "riparian area" -that is land that borders some sort of water feature? Perhaps you have a stream running through your property, a small pond out back,or even just a wet pot in your cropland. If you do, then the nexy question is: are you managing your riparian areas to their full potential?

Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin is excited to announce its annual watershed conference "Flowing Waters: Transboundary Issues in the Saskatchewan River Basin" in partnership with the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance.

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