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Following the completion of the second Background Technical Report for the Watershed Alliance's Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP), the Alliance began work on a report on surface water quantity and groundwater resources.

The Alliance contracted Calgary-based O2 Planning + Design to develop this independently-authored report. O2 worked in cooperation with Integrated Sustainability Consultants and LimnoLogic Solutions. The report was developed with the advice of the Alliance's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) supplemented by Technical Teams of advisors who had knowledge and experience in the subject matter.

The draft report, titled "Background technical Report: Surface Water Quantity and Groundwater Resources" was published on the Alliance's website on September 13, 2013.

Workshops for stakeholders
As part of the consultation process, there were two multi-stakeholder workshops held in the following locations:

Date Location
Tuesday, September 24, 2012 Red Deer
Thursday, September 26, 2012 Drumheller

Stakeholder workshops were held from 10 am - 3 pm. The workshops were designed to seek input on the technical report, to learn more about what stakeholders were doing in the watershed, and to help build partnerships with stakeholders so they can assist with implementing the plan.

Members of the public, who wanted to be more involved but are not directly associated with any of the groups in these stakeholder sectors, were encouraged to attend the workshops.

An online response form was developed and members of the public and stakeholders were encourged to fill out the form through emails, social media, the website, at stakeholder meetings and at other RDRWA meetings.

For a summary of the stakeholder and public consultations go here.

During the public and stakeholder consultation process, overall response to the report was very positive. A number of important technical comments were put forward at workshops and in the online response form. For a detailed list of those comments go here.

Notes from the Red Deer workshop

Notes from the Drumheller workshop

Charts from the online Response Form


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