Red Deer River Watershed Outreach Update - August, 2014


Alexandra and Joey spent the first two weeks of August involved in programming with summer camp facilitators and rounded out the summer with trips to the Red Deer College Science Camps for Critter catching and Water testing and Red Deer College Wacky Adventure Sports Camp. At the Sports Camp RDRWA set up a scavenger hunt in the forested campus area along Piper Creek to teach science to the campers while participating in an active foot race. We also participated in another 4H camp at Ellis Bird Farm.


With the help of Ashley Rawluk (Ducks Unlimited) we headed out to Camp Kindle again to work with their Sun-seekers camp on their stewardship project. Lo and behold, when we arrived at the camp some of the willows stocks we had planted on the last trip were leaving out. With a last trip to the Active Kidz camp, Alexandra completed her summer internship and we sent her on her way back to University after a full summer of learning and fun! But, not before we took her to a part of the watershed that she had not adventured to this summer. The day started with RDRWA staff packing up for a trip to Drumheller for a meeting with the town planners and councillors, a trip to the Royal Tyrell Museum, a picnic on the grounds, a hike in the badlands... and a ferry ride rounded out the day!

Jeff and Joey participated in four events around the watershed this month. These included the Bug Jamboree at Ellis Bird Farm, the Western Ag Tour in Clearwater County, Buffalo Lake Management Society's Open Houses at Rochan Sands and Pelican Point, and the ME Global Prentice Plant Community Appreciation event, also at Ellis Bird Farm. All of these events led us to new contacts and partnership opportunities around the watershed.


To close out the month we made it to one last summer camp out at Deer Valley Meadows (close to Content Bridge) before all the kids headed back to school. The watershed / groundwater models were a hit and a good day was had by all!

Submitted by Joey Temple - Outreach Coordinator


Leo here! My brothers and sisters and I have made big progress in our travels! Lizzie and Lavender are both very close to their goal destinations. There still are a few of us that have yet to leave home though. Due to some unforeseen circumstances we have had to limit our geocaches to 3 instead of 5, but there is still plenty of opportunity to get in on the geocaching fun!

(blue highlight = Destination Reached)

Current Location
On the Move
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Falher, Alberta
Dunvegan Bridge, Alberta
Somewhere South of Calgary
Hoover Dam, Arizona
Out of Race
Lake Taupo, New Zealand
Olds, Alberta
Lake Titicaca, Peru
On the Move
Three Gorges Dam, China
Calgary, Alberta
Nile River, Egypt
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hudson Bay - Churchill, Manitoba
On the move
River Thames, England

Our geocaches can be tracked on under:

• RDRWA’s “Release the Frogs” RDRWA Cache
• RDRWA’s “Release the Frogs” Wetland Cache
• RDRWA’s “Release the Frogs” Upland Cache


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