Red Deer River Watershed Outreach Update - November, 2014


The 2015 “Caring for Our Watershed” program kicked off a little early this year. This stewardship competition is open to youth in Grades 7 to 12 from schools and service groups and allows youth to present proposals on “what they can do for their watershed” competing for cash prizes for both themselves and their school or group. We started this year off with a visit to Glendale School in Red Deer where the grade 8 students started to put together their project proposals. Good Luck to all of those who submit a proposal!

Expanding our reach to include secondary institutions, Joey and Joseé headed to Olds College this month to present to the Water Fundamentals class. The presentation aimed to teach post-secondary students about integrated watershed management and ways to make a difference in local watersheds. The presentation was supported financially by the Alberta Conservation Association (thank-you!) and we are told that the students really enjoyed it. 

Winter hit on the 27th of November with a bang - the same day as the Stewards in Motion event at Buffalo Lake. With roads being less than desirable, a number of registrants were hindered from attending. Those that made it engaged in learning and brainstorming around the Land Stewardship Centre's "Environmental Stewardship Framework". This framework is being rolled out by the Land Stewardship Centre as a tool for stewardship groups and municipalities.  We will be posting the link to the presentations on our website in the near future for those interested in learning more.

West Maui Mountains Watershed Partnership

I took a much needed vacation with my family to Maui for most of November, and even being so far way, I couldn’t stay away from the flowing water. We hiked into a number of waterfalls and streams in the area and even took a helicopter ride into a more isolated area. While taking in some of the local events I had a chance to connect with the local watershed group, WMMWP. It was here that I met their Watershed planner and had a chance to discuss and compare our concerns and hurdles. The group’s mission is “Conservation for Clean Water”. Their vision - “A healthy forest = a sustainable water source”. Interestingly, their work centers on the same four topics that the RDRWA will be addressing through our Integrated Watershed Management Plan: water quality, quantity, riparian areas and land use, and biodiversity. The largest threat to their watershed is non-native and invasive species.

As an isolated island, historically a single new species arrived to the island about once every 10,000 years. Today, about 20 species per year are introduced! To learn more, check out their website at

Have yourselves’ a Happy Holiday and New Year!

Submitted by Joey Temple - Outreach Coordinator


Hello faithful Adventurers! We are still working hard moving to our destinations. We are moving slower now as the weather gets colder, us frogs like to hibernate you know. Here are our current locations, keep a look out for us!

Happy Hunting,



(blue highlight = Destination Reached)

Current Location
Sylvan Lake, Alberta
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Falher, Alberta
Dunvegan Bridge, Alberta
Fernie, BC
Hoover Dam, Arizona
Out of Race
Lake Taupo, New Zealand
On the move
Lake Titicaca, Peru
Swift Current, SK
Three Gorges Dam, China
Calgary, AB
Nile River, Egypt
North of Winnipeg, MB
Hudson Bay - Churchill, Manitoba
On the move
River Thames, England

Our geocaches can be tracked on under:

• RDRWA’s “Release the Frogs” RDRWA Cache
• RDRWA’s “Release the Frogs” Wetland Cache
• RDRWA’s “Release the Frogs” Upland Cache


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