RDRWA Welcomes Watershed Planning Coordinator


I would like to announce that Josée Méthot (pronounced Jo-zay May-tot) has accepted the position of Watershed Planning Coordinator with the Alliance and started on Monday, September 15.
Josée describes herself as a professional with six years of experience working in the fields of environmental sciences, project coordination and engagement. She has worked as a researcher on the Great Lakes Futures Project, contributed to Calgary’s 2010 State of the Environment Report and collaborated with the UN Environment Program over food issues in Guatemala.
Her passion, though, is on building solid processes to achieve ambitious goals. Josée co-led the design and delivery of McGill University’s largest ever community engagement process leading to the successful adoption of their first sustainability plan, "Vision 2020". I spoke to her co-worker on the project and her lecturer and both confirmed her passion and ability to execute great plans, co-ordinate diverse stakeholder engagement initiatives and her ability to work in a team. They both expressed sadness in “losing her to Alberta”.

Welcome Josée to the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance!

- Jeff Hanger, Executive Director


In this role, Josée will be developing an integrated watershed management plan for the Red Deer River watershed in collaboration with people from across the region. Her work will build off and expand on the significant progress the Alliance has already made toward the development of the plan and its future implementation. As she gets settled into her new role, she looks forward to working with, and learning from, community members from across the watershed. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her if you have any questions or would like to chat.

Josée attended the University of Calgary as an undergraduate, where she earned a degree in Environmental Sciences (Honours). She then worked for the City of Calgary for two years, designing and implementing environmental policies and projects on topics ranging from biofuels to climate change. After taking some time off to learn Spanish and explore the Amazon rainforest, Josée completed an MSc. in Natural Resource Sciences at McGill University. She has since worked on a range of issues relating to water, food, ecosystem services, and ecological economics in Calgary, the Great Lakes region, Montreal, and Guatemala. Prior to moving to Red Deer, Josée coordinated a sustainability initiative at McGill University called Vision 2020. As McGill University’s largest-ever community engagement process, Vision 2020 engaged more than 1,500 people toward the development of McGill University’s first ever Sustainability Strategy.

Beyond her background as a published scientist, Josée is also a process designer and self-described “process nerd”. She tends to geek out on questions of social process - i.e., not just what is done, but how. If you come to future RDRWA events, you will probably see her facilitating meetings surrounded by colourful sticky notes and lots of drawings with arrows in them.

While her name is Québécois, Josée grew up in Calgary and spent many summers in Sylvan Lake with her family. In the 1970s, her mom actually owned a pizza shop in Sylvan Lake called the Red Onion. She is thrilled to be back in Alberta and looks forward to calling this place home for many years to come. Josée loves to hike, camp, canoe, and bike. She is also mediocre cross-country skier, so keep an eye out for her as she awkwardly embraces the local trail system in the winter. She tweets @Josee_Methot.


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