RDRWA Outreach Update - Out & About (August 2015)


Just as the end of August marks the end of summer, it also marks the end of summer camps and Janessa’s summer employment. It must be a coincidence.

Thank You Janessa!

Summer camps were not the only thing keeping outreach busy this month. Early in August the team found themselves at the Ellis Bird Farm's Bug Jamboree. Here Joey, Janessa and Jeff helped children and adults alike identify aquatic insects and facilitated a Who’s Who: Aquatic Insect game.






On August 19th the staff went on a picnic and paddle on Chain Lakes.

Here, RDRWA staff witnessed the devastating effects of what is assumed to be Cyanobacteria (Blue-green Algae). Despite the vulgar smell of the bacteria, the paddle was a welcome escape from the office.

Submitted by Janessa Matthew - RDRWA Summer Outreach

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