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Since its launch in September 2011, the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance's (RDRWA) "Watershed Ambassador Program" continues to grow! The program is RDRWA’s response to requests from the region’s Watershed Stewardship Groups (WSGs) for further support and recognition of their efforts and promotes watershed management, publicly recognizes, and thanks watershed stewards throughout the region. This program recognizes both large and small efforts of organizations and individuals. Through this popular program, RDRWA is raising the profile of the watershed, its stewardship groups, stewards, and all those practicing related Beneficial Watershed Management Practices.

Any person in the watershed community may be nominated by any citizen to become a Watershed Ambassador. It’s not restricted solely to RDRWA or WSG volunteers working on watershed programs. We want to recognize contributions being made to watershed stewardship and ensure the general public understands their true value. The RDRWA Watershed Ambassador Program helps take watershed planning out of the boardroom and out into the watershed. “Watershed management benefits everyone - it’s everyone’s business.” As well as conferring ambassadors, the RDRWA is highlighting watershed management issues of interest through special presentations by professionals and volunteers in the watershed, usually over breakfast or lunch. Watershed Ambassador Breakfasts are an important part of this successful ongoing program.

To be nominated as an Ambassador of the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance, an individual should demonstrate a personal commitment to Watershed Management Practices and their work should  align with the RDRWA vision, mission, and goals. To nominate an individual for a Watershed Ambassador Award, please complete the form below. The nomination form is reviewed by a Nomination Committee to determine nominee eligibility. Successful nominees will be notified by RDRWA staff and invited to attend a Watershed Ambassador event in recognition for their contributions.

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Please enter the information for the Nominee:


Please check one of the four categories that best suits the nomination:
Indicate if the Watershed Ambassador nominee’s efforts align with either the RDRWA’s mission, vision or both. Does the nominee contribute to making the Red Deer River Watershed healthy, dynamic and sustainable? (RDRWA Vision) Does the nominee promote a healthy watershed through their work or actions? (RDRWA Mission). RDRWA goals: Provide a forum for information exchange and dialogue, Raise awareness on watershed issues, Promote the use of best practices and integrated management of land and water resources.
Is the nominee familiar with the Province’s Water for Life Strategy and does their work as a volunteer or in their workplace contribute to achieving the Strategy's key goals for Albertans? 1) Assure their drinking water is safe; 2) Assure that Alberta’s aquatic ecosystems are maintained and protected; and 3) Assure that water is managed effectively to support sustainable economic development. Please provide details.
Explain how the nominee’s collaborative efforts support the goals of the RDRWA - 1) Provide a forum for information exchange and dialogue, 2) Raise awareness on watershed issues, 3) Promote the use of best practices and integrated management of land and water resources
Does the nominee volunteer their time towards the efforts of Red Deer River Watershed Stewardship Groups and other volunteer groups with an emphasis towards watershed management?
Does the nominee adopt for their own practice, and or promote the use of Watershed Management Practices through their volunteer efforts or through their work?
Please provide the nominees relevant accomplishments not already provided above (e.g., awards, certifications, etc.)
Please provide your reason(s) for nominating this individual
Is the Nominee aware of the nomination?
I nominate the aforementioned individual to be appointed as an official Watershed Ambassador for the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance Watershed Ambassador Program.
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