Water in the News 2016

2016 News Stories in and around the Red Deer River Watershed

December 2016

(Global) Water in Plain Sight - Hope for a Thirsty World (new book)

(Global) Why did the fish cross the road?

(Global) Erin Brokovitch gets political: "we have a national water crisis" that no one is acknowledging

(Global) The hydropower paradox: is this energy as clean as it seems?

Red Deer Public Schools going for gold (LEED - green roofs and rainwater harvesting)

Alberta's provincial fish - still fighting for recognition

Boil water advisory for Samson - Maskwacis

Putting a price on how much Albertans value the reliability of their drinking water supply (PDF)

$6.9 million invested in water management and protection

Dam good! Beavers may restore imperiled streams, fish populations


November 2016

(Global) Western Canada has crossed into an entirely new hydro-climatic cycle, scientist says

(Global) Plastic microbeads will be banned in Canada - effective mid-2018

(Global) Second Public Review Draft of the CSA/ICC Rainwater Harvesting Systems Joint Standard

(Global) Slovenia becomes first EU nation to enshrine human right to water in their constitution

(Global) Tucson's Watershed Management Group Launches River Run Network

(Global) Six ways Trump will impact water

(Global) ARCSA National Conference in Las Vegas - Reinventing Water Supplies

Mussels close in on Alberta irrigation districts

W5 investigates: the rising value and volatility of our fresh water (video)

Alberta's flood plain mapping gets failing grade in University study

Is using less water the secret to cutting our greenhouse gas emissions?

Scottish Brewery Innis & Gunn unveils beer made from cloud water (SKY.P.A.)

Border Flows: a Century of Canadian-American Water Relationship (book)

Study shows Alberta's rivers under threat due to climate change

Should farmers who ditch tractors and chemicals to graze herds intensively get carbon capture credits?

Oilsands producers produce tailings cleanup under tighter deadlines

How drinking more water may boost your short term memory

H2O Innovation bags three wastewater treatment contracts

When wildfires threaten our drinking water

Banff Lake may be drained to stop spread of deadly whirling disease in fish

World Toilet Day - From Latrine to Otohime

Protecting Drinking Water at the Source (World Resources Institute)

Introduction to green infrastructure and grey infrastructure


October 2016

(Global) NASA: Megadrought lasting decades is 99% certain in American Southwest

(Global) CBC - Running On Empty - a look at the worst drought to hit California in 1000 years

(Global) Canada not ready for climate change, report warns

(Global) This is how much water Canadians waste

(Global) Locals puzzled by one side of China's 'dead sea' turning red

(Global) Drought in Hindsight: Sharing Lessons from Australia's Millennium Drought

Wheatland County raw water reservoir in the works

Thirsty? Skip bottled water, look for the blue 'W'

Alberta oil and gas producers accelerate old well clean ups

Top 5 invasive species threatening Alberta's ecosystem

The Bow River Phosphorus Management Plan (8 videos)

Move over bathtubs, showers are taking their place

ALUS Canada and The W. Garfield Weston Foundation launch groundbreaking environmental initiative with $5 million investment

Special Creative Sentencing Watershed Stewardship Grant Announced (deadline Dec 16)

Snow across Alberta brings harvest to abrupt halt

Snow doesn't spell doom for crops remaining in the field

Alberta and other Prairie provinces may benefit from climate change

Whirling disease confirmed in commercial fish hatchery in Alberta

First Nations, Alberta seek compromise on water rights

Showdown over water looms on Alberta reserves

Water woes on First Nations unacceptable, say 74% of Canadians polled

OPINION: When it comes to renewable energy, hydro should be wave of the future

Why size matters when it comes to your water footprint

Only 14% of water bottles make it to recycling process: Polaris Institute

Glaciers in the Canadian Rockies are losing the all-important firn pack - the accumulation of older snow


September 2016

(Global) University of Saskatchewan receives $77 million in one of the world's largest water research grants ever

(Global) Rivers and Stories - Robert Hass

(Global) More than half of south Asia's groundwater too contaminated for use

(Global) River in Russian mysteriously turns blood red

(Global) Have we reached peak wilderness?

(ExtraGlobal) Hubble spots water plumes erupting from Jupiter moon

Vandals strike nine hydrants in city's southeast (Red Deer)

Red Deer named one of Canada's Greenest Cities

Groundwater recharging

ReThink Red Deer planting Edible Forest Garden for Canada's 150th

Piper Creek crossing repaired by Trout Unlimited and Cows & Fish

Southern Alberta flood leads to 'largest University-led water project in the world' 

Whirling disease leads to fishing and boating restrictions in Banff National Park

"We can't replace nature" Oilsands wetland reclamation a mixed success

Olds College uses artifical wetlands to investigate water treatment

Alberta Health reaffirms 'no funding' stance on fluoride

Filter made from coffee grounds pulls lead from water

Red Deer County passes snow removal bylaws

Apps and maps: 6 ways companies can cut their water footprints

New solutions for sustainable stormwater management in Canada


August 2016

(Global) What will farming look like when there's no water left?

(Global) How can companies cut their water footprint?

(Global) Climate change pushes ski resorts to "weatherproof"

(Global) Thousands rescued, some killed in extensive flooding in Louisiana

(Global) Scientific evidence of mythical Great Flood found in China

Perceptions of water quality in rural Alberta - University of Calgary Survey Opportunity

Pipeline in Husky Oil spill into North Saskatchewan River sent for testing

AWC Recommendations to Improve Water Literacy in Alberta (PDF)

AWC Recommendations to Improve Aquatic Invasive Species Management in Alberta (PDF)

Finding resonance - Alberta's youth and water literacy in the age of technology

Impact of oil spills on wildlife, wetlands

Decision Making for Wetland Management - Olds College course

Fall precipitation forecast

Using rebar to slow riverbank erosion poses safety hazard for rafters

Residuals study for Red Deer River

Current Blue-Green Algae Advisories for Alberta Waterbodies

Scientist publishes study on blue-green algae, urges Alberta governement to act

U of A pilot project aims to transform water treatment process

Alberta flood hazard zone quiz

To stop Alberta's natural events from becoming disasters, we must act now

Sylvan Lake AquaSplash opens beside the new Rotary Lighthouse Park

Rainwater Harvesting - rain is a gift

Canadian, U.S. mayors scramble to stop diversion of water from Great Lakes


July 2016

(Global) June hottest on record; Arctic ice at record low

(Global) Downtown L.A.'s five year rain total is lowest ever recorded

(Global) Parks Canada should focus on environment not development, says report

(Global) Victoria couple returns from five year sailing journey around the world

(Global) 'Don't put your head under water,' expert tells Rio athletes

(Global) When a Town Runs Dry - Stratford is suffering from a drought that is severely impacting the community, land, and residents' daily lives

Albetra Energy Regulator urges companies to step up detection of pipeline leaks

New rule states Alberta tailings ponds must be recalimed after ten years

Key areas of disruptive technology and innovation in the water sector

Forestry guide on BMPs to mitigate impacts of roads on wetlands in Canada's forests

The ongoing challenge of storwater maintenance

Penalties for violating Public Lands Act reinstated

Critical wastewater effluent conditions in Sylvan Lake

Red Deer Emergency Services advising against rafting on the Red Deer River due to high flow rate

Alberta Wetlands Policy is in effect as of July 4, 2016

ReThink Red Deer's first Community Rain Barrel Sale

City of Red Deer Rain Barrel Rebate Program extended

City of Red Deer unveils fourth Pollinator Park at Bower Ponds

State of emergency decalred in Estevan, SK after record rainfall

Hail storm net looks to minimize damage for car dealerships in the Prairies

Alberta First Nations still lack consistent access to clean water

New Alberta ChemSafe App available online


June 2016

(Global) Arizona could be out of water in six years

(Global) First study of California's deep groundwater sparks debate

(Global) Would you drink water made from food waste?

(Global) Artist Christo creates floating bridge to experience walking on water

(Global) When the US 'asks' for our water, will Canada be ready?

(Global) America's water testing problems must and can be fixed

(Global) The Bends of the Blue Dragon River

New study deems river floodplains "most important feature in the mountain landscapes'

Stettler using stored water supply after diesel spills into Red Deer River

Red Deer river water quality assessed after collision spills diesel fuel into nearby creek

We think we have water in abundance, that's just not so

Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Yukon agree to fight zebra mussels

Federal Government, Canadian Rivers Institute and Canadians team up to assess river health

Southern Alberta could soon have Texas weather

Helicopter rescues Alberta rafters who misjudged river float time

Can you stomach it: deep fried water may be the most complex thing anyone has ever done with water?

ALUS wins Alberta Emerald Award

Disposable battery runs on drops of water

Vancouver teen has a plan to turn waste water into electricity

Snow studies examine causes of 2013 flood

Canada leaves unprepared homeowers on the hook for losses from severe flooding: report

Wildfires have major impact on water quality

How climate change impacts the hydrologic cycle


May 2016

(Global) Going to great heights for water - UAE ponders building a mountain to make it rain

(Global) World Bank: the way climate change is really going to hurt us is through water

(Global) What can be done to stop global water scarcity

(Global) When in drought: the California farmers who don't water their crops

City of Red Deer approves new water conservation plan

Beaver River Watershed Management Plan out this year

Local students take place in Caring for Watersheds contest

Record fines given to two offroad vehicle users for joyriding in river

That wetland isn't just pretty - it's quantifiable infrastructure

RBC releases the 2016 Canadian Water Attitudes Study

Spring Run Off with Troubled Monk Brewery

Labatt produces 200,000 cans of water instead of beer to assist firefighters and evacuees

Why do rivers curve?

Water Dialogues podcast

Irrigation technology centre has a wide range of research

The dangers of blue-green algae

(AUMA Webinar) - Wetlands - Why? What? When? Where? Who? How?


April 2016

(Global) Criminal charges filed in the poisoning of Flint's water supply

(Global) NASA opens access to three million earth images

(Global) Why world leaders are terrified of water shortages

(Global) Four fifths of China's water from wells 'unsafe because of pollution'

Think like a watershed, SFU biologist says

AEMERA disbanding - environmental monitoring core responsibility of government, minister says

Buying a better environment? ELC releases Market-based Instruments Backgrounder

Cold Lake fish poaching investigation leads to 41 charges

ICYMI - Does a flood mitigation "dry dam" require an environmental assessment?

ICYMI - There's no "God-given right" to mud-boggers

May long weekend - What to Know Before you Go

Parkland County wildfires prompt local state of emergency, evacuations

Learn: Drought forecasting and monitoring

The Alberta Water Nexus Simulation

Red Deer air quality targeted by province

City of Edmonton says no to releasing neighbourhood flood predictions

(AUMA Webinar) - To Conserve and Protect - Implementing the Alberta Wetland Policy


March 2016

(Global) World Water Day - March 22, 2016

(Global) Five of the best water-smart cities in the developing world

(Global) How the "Internet of Things" is turning cities into living organisms (protecting water infrastructure)

(Global) Water shortage may cripple global power supply

(Global) Australia to register its concerns about foreigners buying its water

#H2Whoah - Water molecules break bonds through quantum tunneling

Federal Budget 2016 promises dedicated funds for water infrastructure, stewardship, and science

Federal government announces $39 million funding boost for Banff National Park projects

Alberta LakeWatch Summary 2015 (ALMS)

Ecological services program catching fire in Alberta

Water regulations can be tricky

Lethbridge planning ahead in case of water shortage

City of Lethbridge on high alert for possible water shortage

Why reducing water consumption is critical to Alberta Oils Sands competitiveness

Alberta Venture Magazine: Special Report on Water

New floor could end muddy feedlot pens

Expanded polystyrene geofoam vital to wetlands restoration project

Fleece clothing major contributor of microplastics in water


February 2016

(Global) - The Terror of Flint's Poisoned Water

(Global) - Could Flint Happen Again? The road salt connection

(Global) - Wet Wipes Gone Wild: Case Studies

(Global) - Utility workers pull 750-kg 'fatberg' from Australian sewer

(Global) - The world's most beautiful wastewater treatment plant

Albertans concerned over 'milky brown' tap water amid need for new well (Penhold, AB)

Mussels by the numbers

St. Albert tackles goldfish infestation

Wetlands Matter (short documentary film)

Ducks Unlimited to convert 40,000 acres to forage

Annual Water for Life Partnerships Newsletter - issue 5 2016

Canadian Rivers Institute turns 15, looks to tackle new water issues

Scientific Literacy Redefined - Researchers can become better at engaging in public discourse by more fully considering social, cultural contexts

Partners for Action - Flood Happens, how can our communities weather the storm?

Zen Travelers - Watching the River Flow (Kevin Wingert)


January 2016

(Global) New Orleans is Done Fighting Water

(Global) New rivers forming on melting Greenland ice sheet could boost sea level rise

(Global) The World Economic Forum identifies opportunities for better water and wastewater management practices

(Global) See before and after photos of the changing environment (National Geographic)

(Global) El Nino staying for time being

The four letter word farmers fear most

Livable Cities Forum - 2015 Outcomes - National Dialogue on Building Community Flood Resilience (Calgary)

Climate change could hobble power production - how water influences electricity availability

Seasonal signs - making weather forecasts based on human observation

Scientists study safety of skating on urban storm water ponds

Ice fishermen could face manslaughter charge for drilling holes in a frozen lake

Listening to rhythms of the Earth - an Alberta researcher is listening for climate change


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