RDRWA Calendar

March 22, 2018 (World Water Day)
Beaupre Community Hall

Other Partner Events

Maria Strack with the University of Waterloo will present on 'Returning carbon sink function: an overview of Canadian peatland restoration' on January 24th, 2018.

The North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance is holding a forum at the Strathcona Community Centre in Sherwood Park.A number of advances and projects in various municipalities in the watershed will be highlighted. Presentations by municipal Councillors and others involved in the various NSWA subwatershed Alliances and projects will be featured (Headwaters Alliance, Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance and the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance). An agenda will be posted on Eventbrite shortly.

"The Alberta Wetland Assessment and Impact Report Directive and Alberta Wetland Mitigiation Directive were updated in 2017. In addition to these changes, the Alberta Wetland Assessment & Impact Form was created for projects with low risk & temporary imapcts to the aquatic environment. If you don't know the diefference between a WAIF and WAIR, it may be time to update your knowledge of the Alberta wetland Policy in 2018.

Whether you are new ro understanding wetlands in Alberta or a practicing professional, Aquality Environmental Ltd. offers a classroom based wetland course to inspire and prepare you for the upcoming season."

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