New Executive Director for RDRWA - Jan 7, 2014


New Executive Director for RDRWA
The Red Deer River Watershed Alliance is pleased to announce the hiring of its new Executive Director.

Mr. Jeffrey Hanger will start January 20th. Mr. Hanger was Project Associate with the Closer to Home (C2H) initiative of the Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association until Dec. 31, 2013. This initiative aims to build the capacity of smaller municipalities across Alberta, especially those with a population less than 5,000, to deliver safe drinking water and manage their wastewater responsibly.

Jeffrey has built groups of communities to develop their (provincially required) Drinking Water Safety Plans, and assisted many communities to complete those plans and begin discussions about water safety in the communities. He has also organized and prepared monthly Information Sessions delivered over the internet and by telephone to municipal leaders on a wide number of water-compliance topics, ranging from federal and provincial wastewater regulations, to watershed protection and public health. Mr. Hanger lives in Ponoka.

Mr. Tom Cottrell, Interim Executive Director, will continue part time in the office to introduce Mr. Hanger to the world of the Watershed Alliance and the Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils in Alberta.

For more information please contact the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance office at 403-340-7379 or email


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