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Alexandra teaching water testing principles

May was characterized by two events - RDRWA staff getting much closer to the water, and preparations for a global Geo-Cache project. As a team building exercise RDRWA staff went on a canoe trip on a small stretch of the Red Deer River “It was great to see the river first hand - seeing how it affects us and how we affect it.

While our Education and Outreach program continued to reach out to students, Alexandra, the new Summer Student, made plans for a global Geo-Cache project called, “Releasing the Frogs”. Other activities included the monthly Watershed Ambassador Breakfast with the guest speaker, Curtis Horning of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA), organising technical team input into the fourth IWMP background technical report, and a visit to the Wetlands research project at Olds and Ellis Bird farm.

A great big thank you also goes out to those that responded to the newsletter survey! We hope to incorporate some of those recommendations over the coming months.

The month of May welcomed our new summer student aboard. Alexandra only had a few days to prepare before we were off to her old Alma-Mater, St. Francis to work with the Grade 8 students. She was eager to jump right in with the water testing activity making the day a success for all.

This month also took us on a visit to Ponoka Elementary Grade 4 where we partnered up with the Battle River Watershed Alliance to introduce the students to the two watersheds in which they impact. Other visits included a visit to Sylvan Lake Elementary for a Grade 4/5 “Waste in Our World/Wetland” Presentation and Penhold Elementary Grade 5’s. Then it was back to St. Francis where we partnered in helping the City of Red Deer’s “Yellow Fish Road” Program to paint storm drains in the community. Unfortunately the last trip on the month to Dry Island Buffalo Jump had to be cancelled as the rain spirits were not in our favour.

This month 260 students plus teachers learned about the Red Deer River Watershed through our curriculum based learning outcomes. During the month of June our Outreach team will be in full gear as we are booked solid, up to the last day of the school year, with visits out and about our watershed.

Some of our Watershed Stewardship Groups have upcoming events around the watershed, please see upcoming events below. And please continue to see the RDRWA webpage as 2014 Lake Days are being organized. If you are a Watershed Stewardship Group and have an upcoming event that you would like us to acknowledge in our e-news please send the information to Joey Temple at outreach@rdrwa.ca

Notes from the Alexandra

I have been spending my past month working hard on my mandatory intern project for the summer. This year I have been tasked with increasing public knowledge of the Red Deer River watershed and the IWMP with a focus on people aged 18-30. I have numerous projects on the go:

  • Releasing Leo the frog and his brothers across the world:

I have been working on a set of Geo-Caches that will be placed in various locations around the watershed. Each cache will contain an informational sheet on the location, IWMP and physical geography of the region. Also included among various other items will be nine plastic frogs that will be sent to various water significant locations all over the world. We aim to have the Geo-Caches functional by the middle of June. These will be tracked as to their whereabouts in upcoming newsletters.

  • I am developing a webinar of the Watershed that can be used by various schools, colleges and universities.
  • Apart from the project I have been involved with making new educational posters for our outreach program and have assisted the Outreach Coordinator on four school visits.

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