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Your Watershed Needs You

Everyone has a role to play in protecting and improving the Red Deer River watershed. Because we all impact the watershed we live in, it is important to think about things we can do in our daily lives to lessen our footprint. Did you know, for example, that water that runs off from streets into storm drains isn’t usually treated before it enters waterways?

You can help keep our watershed clean by being aware that anything that is on the streets can make its way into water systems. Picking up pet waste or taking your car to a designated car wash facility are good strategies for protecting water quality. Using more environmentally friendly products around the home and garden is also a step in the right direction in protecting our watershed.

There is no better time to become involved in the management of the Red Deer River watershed. Everyone who lives, works and plays in the Red Deer River watershed has a voice and needs to be involved in preserving and protecting this precious resource.

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