Watershed Ambassadors (2014)

Jamie Wuite
Jamie attended the University of Calgary and obtained Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Ecology in 1994. In 2003, he received a Masters degree in Water and Land Resources from the University of Alberta. He is a member of the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists. Jamie has been very involved with a number of the Water Planning & Advisory Councils (WPACs). He was part of the formation group and Basin Advisory Committee for the Battle River Basin and Cold Lake Beaver River Basin. Jamie was also a Director with the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance for a number of years. Jamie was a Director of the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance for many years and a member of the Formation Group of the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance. He was also a member on the RDRWA Fundraising & Membership Committee.

Gerald Knopp
Over the years, Gerald has acquired an expertise in developing spring-fed year-round cattle watering systems, taking his knowledge and assisting in its application elsewhere. Gerald is a participant in the Grey Wooded Forage Association by serving on their Board of Directors and he is charter member of Clear Water Landcare; contributing to meetings, events, projects and tours. His actions work towards supporting the Alberta Water For Life Strategy through land and water practices; protecting water quality and quantity in the watershed. Some additional examples of Gerald's efforts along with year round watering systems include enhancing biodiversity and protecting riparian areas through fencing projects.

Wes Saarela
Wes contributes to and promotes a healthy Red Deer River Watershed through actively participating in stewardship projects as a member of Clear Water Landcare. These activities include sharing experiences with others and playing a role in protecting Lobstick Creek, a tributary of the Medicine River Sub-Watershed. Wes contributes to the Alberta Water For Life Strategy through all of his endeavours working towards the protection of water quality and quantity. He is an asset to the education of others through his tours and news articles.

Keith RyderKeith Ryder

Recognizing the importance of water (quality and quantity) and regional water management, Keith has been a significant encourager and unifying influence for municipalities throughout all parts of the RDR watershed to be aware of and active regarding water conservation, better water use practices, long range water management strategies, and provincial - municipal cooperation. In recognizing that municipalities are only one 'partner' in the need of sound watershed management, he promotes municipalities, both individually and together through the Red Deer River Municipal Users Group (RDRMUG), to be involved in the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance and thus cooperate with other sectors to promote coordinated watershed management throughout the basin.

Supporting Alberta's Water For Life Strategy

1. As a councilor and Mayor of Stettler, he led municipal actions to promote water conservation and to securing and maintain a safe supply of water
2. Promoted sharing of treated water via regional services, the first being the Botha an Gadsby area east of Stettler
3. Served as Executive Director of the RDMUG since 2006; in doing so he has contributed beyond his call of duty to promote wise water use and management, both municipally and regionally across the watershed; some keys include:

a. encouraging municipalities to provide input and participate in the Water for Life and Water Conversation processes
b. establishing a RDRMUG website, one of its roles being to provide a variety of water related information and sources to municipalities and other readers
c. organizing RDRMUG and assist/cooperate with the RDRWA in providing water and water management forums and engaging presentations related to maintaining healthy rivers, stream and lakes
d. steering the RDRMUG Water Assurance Study, which not only encourages actions to secure long-term water allocations for municipalities, but also actions to promote the application of other 'tools' in water governance (e.g. water re-use; return flow credits) and drought resistance through a regional water storage strategy
e. actively promoting municipalities to adopt and put into practice water conservation strategies
f. promoting good working relationships among Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development and municipalities throughout the region
g. encouraging cooperative efforts by the RDRMUG and the RDRWA to serve to advance integrated watershed planning and management within the Red Deer River watershed (e.g. Water Atlas)


Nancy HackettNancy Hackett

Nancy is someone who walks the talk when it comes to environmental action. She has a breadth of knowledge when it comes to environmental issues in The City of Red Deer, and approached her role in implementing The City of Red Deer's Environmental Master Plan (EMP) with passion and commitment.

Supporting Alberta's Water For Life Strategy

Nancy's work on The City of Red Deer's EMP annual report recently earned The City an Alberta Urban Municipalities Association "Sustainability in Action" award. Her work on the The City’s Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Plan includes planning for storm water management and eco-system protection, and she is a strong supporter of World Water Day and Yellowfish Road activities at The City. She keeps the recommendations of the EMP front and centre at The City, which translates into progress on water conservation and protection.

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