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March 2017

(Global) From watersheds to mountains, what if we based our borders on nature?

(Global) Beer brewers test a taboo, recycling water after it was used in homes

(Global) Where levees fail in California, nature can step in to nurture rivers

(Global) Fisherman catches 50 pound carp in the middle of Los Angeles

(Global) Judge approves $97million settlement to replace Flint's water lines

(Global) How New York gets its water

Ground breaks for North Red Deer Regional Wastewater System

Residents urged to use caution around bodies of water

Alberta marks World Water Day with $12 million for watersheds

How much pee in the pool? New Alberta research measure water "sweetness"

Bright pink tap water alarms residents of Alberta town

Water Farming: why and how can we start farming water?


February 2017

(Global) California struggles with groundwater depletion following end of drought

(Global) How did the Oroville Dam crisis get so dire?

(Global) Federal Court of Appeal dismisses First Nations' challenge of BC's Site C Dam

(Global) Federal First Nations water strategy 'flawed': report

(Global) Mapping three decades of global water change

Bashaw residents concerned over cost of Highway 12/21 water line

Oilsands face big trouble ahead, two new studies suggest

Report calls for a time limit on inactive oil and gas wells

Don't drain the swamp! Why wetlands are so important

FACT SHEET: Alternative Solutions Guide for Small Reclaimed Water Use

From watersheds to mountains, what if we based our borders on nature?

Off again, on again - where's the water?

Water Charter proposed for Southern Alberta

New climate index shows extreme weather is now three times more frequent

A new Canadian green street in Edmonton

Water Research Foundation releases blueprint to help guide One Water planning processes (PDF)

Alberta research shows fracking fluid causes significant harm to fish

Research highlights impact of petroleum on fish species

Green infrastructure: why implement it in Alberta?

Wealth of info available for water well owners

New river access strategy aims to boost tourism while protecting environment

Land use pressure threatens farming

"Estimates of convenience": Researcher says Alberta spills data too positive

Government of Alberta to release draft Water Reuse and Stormwater Use Policy in spring 2017

Whirling disease now infects entire Bow River watershed

Parks to fight whirling disease by removing fish

Climate change doubles size of northern lakes, pushes bison off habitat

January 2017

(Global) Beet juice is helping keep Canadian municipalities stay ice-free

(Global) From drought to deluge: how one California river tells the story of a waning drought

(Global) Floods force hundreds to flee homes in California, Nevada

(Global) Stunning satellite images reveal the story of Earth's surface water

(Global) Billions of litres of raw sewage, untreated waste water pouring into Canadian waterways

(Global) A year later anf Flint unfiltered tap water still unsafe to drink

(Global) A Global water map: new resource for scientific studies

Chemical-free community swimming pool is filled with recycled rainwater filtered through plants

Edmonton releases fish-friendly designs for new Mill Creek outfall

Garbage-Free February is coming up, we need to stop flushing trash down the toilet

Water agency says conditions point to wet spring 2017

Ponoka land transfer to improve Sylvan Lake waterfront access

What training is needed for the next generation of water operators?

Notley government increasing spending on drought and flood protection

A tour of Alberta reservoirs and dams (ArcGIS - Alberta WaterPortal)

Alberta to take action on water security

Battle River Watershed Alliance celebrates 10 years of community action

Group behind Southern Alberta Water Charter seeks signatures

This is how snowflakes are born (videos)

Does spilled pipeline bitumen sink or float?

Watershed funding allocated (Watershed Restoration and Resiliency Program update)

'Attic rain' could plague more Alberta homes this winter

Highway crossings credited for decline in national park wildlife deaths

OPINION: Internet a basic service but so is water

Fracking opponent with contaminated well water loses bid at Supreme Court

DO NOT DRINK water order issued for Sunchild First Nation in Central Alberta


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