RDRWA Welcomes New Board Members & Stewards


Dear Members,

I am very pleased to report that we have new Board members, we have a new Executive Committee, and we have our first Watershed Stewards.

The 2015 AGM was an exciting event; a mix of bylaw changes, brainstorming on the Integrated Watershed Management Plan, voting new Board members in, hearing about the students of Terrace Ridge School, a facilitated discussion on the Wetlands Policy and the 2015 Watershed Stewards awards. Within this was also a special presentation to Joey from the Outreach Committee and an update on the Flood Resilience & Mitigation Branch. It was quite a day.

The 2015-16 RDRWA Board

Environment & Stewardship

Dale Christian

Steph Neufeld - appointed at AGM

Alia Snively - appointed at AGM


Provincial, Federal or Academic

Phil Boehme - appointed at AGM

Mike Iwanyshyn

Kristen Lorenz




Bruce Beattie

Jean Bota - appointed at AGM

Brenda Knight - appointed at AGM

Dianne Wyntjes


Agriculture, Business/ Industry

Andrea Hiba Brack

Tom Jackson - appointed at AGM

Doug Sawyer



Jim Lougheed

Nicole Renaud - appointed at AGM



First Nations

No nominations were received





We would like to thank all those that put their name forward to stand for Board positions at the RDRWA. The Board would also like to thank Tom Daniels and Tracy Scott for their many years of participation on the RDRWA Board. 

Executive Committee - as appointed at the first Board meeting after the AGM

  • Jean Bota, Chair
  • Stephanie Neufeld, Vice Chair
  • Jim Lougheed, Treasurer

RDRWA 2015 Stewards Award

Building on the RDRWA Ambassador Awards, outstanding work for the watershed is recognized at the AGM through the RDRWA Stewards Award. This year the winners were:

  • The Students of Terrace Ridge School - RDRWA Stewards (Young Person Category)
  • Lacombe County - RDRWA Steward (non profit/ municipality category)
  • Gerald Knopp - RDRWA Steward (Business Category)
  • NOVA Chemicals - RDRWA Steward (Business category), and
  • Kevin Wingert - RDRWA Steward (Individual)

Thank you for all those that assisted in the day, especially Rene and all my staff. This looks like a very busy year coming up, and I hope that we have plenty of opportunities for all our members to get engaged to help us build a health, dynamic and sustainable watershed!


Jeff Hanger, RDRWA Executive Director

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