Water in the News (2015)

December 2015

(Global) How one man plans to make billions by selling Mojave desert water

(Global) I'm trapped in my home thanks to flooding

(Global) Making a case for wetland inventory

(Global) Flint, Michigan mayor declares emergency over lead water crisis

ICYMI: Alberta grazing lease program under review

ICYMI: Alberta family gets beavers to do its landscaping

Energy company fights order over chemically tainted Alberta dairy farm

Sustainability Resources Ltd. seeking expressions of interest to present on innovative water & wastewater technologies for rural communities

Practical implications after COP21 (blog)


November 2015

(Global) National Stormwater Calculator (US EPA)

(Global) North American Drought Monitor

(Global) Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS)

(Global) Montreal's sewage dump wraps up three days ahead of schedule

(Global) Living Without Water: Contamination Nation - Native Americans living without clean, running water on the Navajo Nation (New Mexico)

(Global) Canada warming at twice the global rate, scientists tell premiers conference

Alberta's Climate Leadership Plan will protect Albertans’ health, environment, and economy

Insurance industry aims to reduce huge losses from climate change extremes

Trudeau's full list of Cabinet Ministers

Understanding the first ministers' climate summit: what it's all about

Groundwater is mostly "non-renewable", study finds

Oil spills' environmental impact: Knowledge gaps cited in new report

Province boosts funding for municipal clean water systems

Company says it's working to fix water discharge problem at Alberta coal mine

River surfers invade Alberta's Rocky Mountains

Snow a viable water source if sheep are monitored

Call for Landowners in reforesting riparian areas (AWES)

Canadian Water Newtork Webinars (free to watch)

Six artists paddle into the Arctic Peel Region - a story of art, adventure, and Canadian wilderness

Residents weigh in on River Valley Master Plan (Lethbridge)

Chief of Alberta First Nation files lawsuit over coal tailings pond spill

The Globe examines the future of our most critical resource: water

Trout Unlimited joins the Piper Creek Restoration Agriculture Project


October 2015

(Global) Environment Canada suspends Montreal's plan to dump raw sewage into St. Lawrence

(Global) New report advances the discussion around hydraulic fracturing and water issues in Canada

(Global) A megacity without water: Sao Paulo's drought

(Global) Canadian researcher targeted by hate campaign over Fukushima findings

Alberta moves to protect Calgary, neighbouring communities from severe flooding

Disintegrating Rockies glacier sends 'strong message' on climate

New "Rainwater Network" dedicated to providing information and resources on rainwater and storm water management

South Red Deer Regional Wastewater system opens

Charges laid against Apache Canada for 2013 spill: regulator

Companies charged over 2013 coal tailings pond spill: AER

A room by room guide to wasting less water (infographic)

Why Canada is banning microbeads

Scientists meet to discuss water resources in cold, alpine regions

Bad water: innovative solutions for northern remote Ontario First Nations

INTERACTIVE: The hidden cost of abandoned oil and gas wells in Alberta

Energy company orders water to be delivered to contaminated Alberta dairy farm

Lake Winnipeg is a lost cause due to zebra mussels: expert


September 2015

(Global) Northern Canada will keep getting drier as temperatures rise, say scientists

(Global) What does California have in common with a decades-old Saudi Arabian water mystery?

(Global) Environmental manifesto unveiled by Naomi Klein, backed by celebrities

(Global) Canada dead last in ranking for environmental protection

(Global) ICC / CSA Joint Rainwater Harvesting Standard - open for public review until Nov 24, 2015

$25M berm to be built around Calgary Zoo island

Algae Alert issued for Three Mile Bend in Red Deer

Bold and the beautiful: how complementing gray infrastructure with green helps ease pressure on stormwater systems while beautifying dense urban environments

Nature's Return: investment in watershed conservation yields significant cost-savings for water utilities

Website gives public access to environmental data in Alberta

Alberta funds drinking water and wastewater projects

What is the law of water allocation in Alberta? Can it meet the challenges of water management?

Researchers use sewer sludge in concrete

Oilsands face severe water shortages, Athabasca River study suggests

NOVA Chemicals' Community Nature Trail is now open!

Rain too late to overcome drought, grasshoppers in Alberta

Climate change denial is over, Alberta Environment Minister says

Melting glaciers and drought in Alberta's future

How Western Canada glaciers will melt away

Alberta on track to have worst air quality in Canada; Red Deer has worst pollution in province

Calgary flood mitigation project list compiled to help secure provincial funding

Okotoks: stormwater unit will catch sediment

Of backhoes and water woes: reviewing the breadth of landscaping regulation under the Water Act

New drainage rules arrive - SK legislation will apply to all drainage in the province

Blue Built Home is a certification program for new homes to save water and reduce utility bills


August 2015

(Global) - How millions of "shade balls" are helping save LA's water supply

(Global) - How walking along rivers changes your brain

(Global) - A new "drinkable book" has pages that turn raw sewage into drinking water

(Global) - In search of a drought strategy, California looks down under

(Global) - Global warming worsened the California drought, scientists say

(Global) - The nations that will be hardest hit by water shortages by 2040

Alberta Energy Regulator restricts river water use by oil sector, cites drought

Oilsands water restrcitions a climate change 'preview': study

Environmental protection order issued to Syncrude after bird deaths at Alberta oilsands site

Drought-striken forests in BC, Alberta, face new threat from insects

Two more Alberta counties declare states of disaster

Swimming pool converted to backyard wetland

Boat inspections proving very effective in preventing invasive species spread

Red Deer's largest "food forest" setting up for planting at Piper Creek

Trout stream at risk in Fall Creek

Learning about wetlands through aquatic invertebrates (ABMI video)

Updating High River flood maps


July 2015

(Global) - Should Canada sell its water?

(Global) - The 'Family of Five' Primary Forests: a snapshot of what remains

(Global) - A new playground in the Bronx soaks up the City's problematic stormwater

(Global) - Minnesota rain gardens go big to fight pollution, reuse water

(Global) - How an historical blunder helped create the water crisis in the West

(Global) - Water management in urban areas

(Gobal) - Dealing with drought - conserving water

(Global) - California's Native American tribes and Forest Service removing trees to create more water for the Valley

(Global) - Water governance at stake

(Global) - The top 5 things learned at the 2015 Canadian Water Summit

Social Lab created for watershed management

Wildfires and drought are hurting Prairie economy

Southern Alberta trout streams at risk despite recovery plan: survey

Microplastics at 'alarming' levels in Canadian lakes and rivers

Pharmaceuticals in wastewater target of sewage treatment study

Alberta faces growing backlog of abandoned oil and gas wells

Alberta government posts surplus of more than $1 billion

Water main break near Water Treatment Plant; chlorinated water released

Decline of glaciers in Western Canada chronicled in family photographs

Stunning Parkdale art doubles as storm water filter (video)

Dry, dry western Canada braces for hot and hard-growing summer

Town of Okotoks' Water Conservation, Efficiency, and Productivity Plan

Rain, the fickle mistress

New report highlights priorities for sustainable and resilient communities in Canada

Lacombe County State of the Environment Report (2015)



June 2015

(Global) - More than half of detected insecticides exceed regulatory thresholds globally

(Global) - As Lake Mead hits record lows and water shortages loom, Arizona prepares for the worst

(Global) - World's first ocean system targeting plastic pollution to launch in 2016

(Global) - Flooding in Texas, Oklahoma death tolls rises to 21

(Global) - Cry me a barrel: Senate drowns rainwater collection bill

(Global) - Arid Tucson leads the way in water conservation out west

(Global) - New NASA data show how the world is running out of fresh water

(Global) - Where the world is running out of water

10 Things for new MLAs to know about water management in Alberta

Alberta River: Data and Advisories (app)

Overland flood insurance now available

Environment Canada relies on social media to spot nasty storms

Canada's ultimate climate history to be housed at University of Alberta

Which Canadian cities are best prepared for the next big flood?

Three hours after a mandatory inspection station was opened in Hinton mussels were found on a boat coming from BC

Plans to offer whooping crane tours in northern Alberta may be grounded

Heat brings city water shortage

Drumheller Mayor says, "Fountain will open for summer season"



May 2015

(Global) - Watch Oregon's mysterious Lost Lake disappears each spring

(Global) - California regulators approve unprecedented water cutbacks

(Global) - California's newest battle front is bottled water

(Global) - Water flowing from toilet to tap may be hard to swallow

(Global) - America's second largest reservoir - Lake Powell - is disappearing

(Global) - Canada, Mexico win final round in battle against U.S. meat-label rules

2015 Provincial Election results - NDP wave sweeps across province in historic win

ABMI releases historical orthophotos of Alberta: New insight into Alberta's changing landscape

Hitchhiking mussels denied access to Sylvan Lake

Attention private well owners in Kneehill County

Mount Polley mine could restart in months: company

Banning microbeads from cosmetics and toiletries

Rocky View County landowners: unique opportunity to restore former wetlands - and get paid for it

Edmonton Off Limits: exploring city rain sewers

Mountain parks work to improve fish passage in streams, rivers

Funding for Alberta trees damaged, destroyed by snow storms and floods

Mountie says more enforcement needed of ATVs in Alberta backcountry

Record fines give to two off-road vehicle users after joyriding in Clearwater river

Mountains warming faster, say researchers

Ice collecting in Alberta beaches near properties

Livable Cities Forum: Building Flood Resilient Communities


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