Feb 17, 2016 - Project Blue Thumb Spawns Something AWESOME


​The RDRWA is proud to host the February Watershed Ambassador Breakfast with an AWESOME presentation. In addition to creating an Integrated Watershed Management Plan, the RDRWA decided to bring watershed management to life by engaging in a Social Innovation Lab, called Project Blue Thumb. This hybrid approach seeks to leverage the benefits of a focused plan, complemented by a strong network of relationships, deep inquiry and adaptive implementation.

Project Blue Thumb is Alberta’s first social innovation lab dedicated to improving water quality. The Project Blue Thumb lab team includes stakeholders from municipal and provincial government, the non-profit sector, academia, forestry, and agriculture, who have come together with a common interest in protecting water quality. Drawing from the field of innovation the lab team uses creative and collaborative approaches to address water quality.

Team AWESOME (A Watershed Environmental System Of Municipal Excellence) is one of the prototype teams engaged in Project Blue Thumb and they will be speaking about their project. Their goal is to enable change so that municipalities have the capacity to protect and restore watershed features (e.g. wetlands/riparian areas) in order to improve or maintain surface and groundwater quality.


Ultimate outcomes of project AWESOME include:

  • More municipalities are effectively protecting and conserving wetlands and other watershed features
  • The number of acres of conserved wetlands and other watershed features has increased in the Red Deer River Basin
  • Water quality has been maintained or improved in the Red Deer River Basin
  • Watershed management is institutionalized / streamlined in municipal day-to-day decision-making processes and operations
  • Everything is awesome...

All of these outcomes and goals are for the benefit of Red Deer River Watershed municipalities.

RSVP to: info@rdrwa.ca or call Kelly at 403-340-7379 by noon on February 17, 2016

These Ambassador breakfasts are an RDRWA initiative to keep you informed of issues in the watershed, celebrate ambassadors within the watershed and meet like-minded people.


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