Integrated Watershed Management Planning


Integrated watershed management planning is an ongoing process of identifying issues in a watershed, engaging with community members, stakeholders, and experts to determine shared goals, targets, and solutions, and then working together to implement desired changes.

It is a collaborative and adaptive effort between sectors, stakeholders, and the public to create a plan that addresses watershed health, recognizing that the health of our lands and waters should be managed at a watershed scale.

Introducing Blueprint

Blueprint: An Integrated Watershed Management Plan for the Red Deer River Watershed is a decision-support tool for people across the Red Deer River Watershed to use as we work together to protect watershed health. Whether you are a landowner, an industry worker, a municipal representative or someone who cares deeply about water - Blueprint provides an important touchstone for progress in the coming years.

Blueprint is a living document, and is being developed in phases.

  • Phase One: Water Quality.

    • Status: Complete

  • Phase Two: Watershed Health Metrics.

    • Status: Beginning in 2016

Of course, any plan will do little good gathering dust in a drawer somewhere. We all have a role to play in watershed management, and implementing Blueprint will require the commitment and goodwill of a network of diverse partners. From individual actions and targeted projects to large-scale multi-stakeholder commitments, the plan will come to life at many scales and on many timelines.

Phase One (Water Quality):

Several years in the making, Blueprint (Phase One: Water Quality) presents a set of goals, targets, and recommendations to maintain and improve surface water and groundwater quality in the Red Deer River watershed.

Blueprint Cover Shot

The plan is accessible <HERE> - best downloaded and viewed in Adobe Acrobat.

More information about the process to develop Blueprint is available <HERE>

More information about Phase One is available <HERE>

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