2016 Spring Forum Update

Thank you all for attending our RDRWA Spring Forum, “Our Lakes, Our Legacy” on Friday, March 11 at the Alix Community Hall.

In total 52 people attended, including 11 municipalities.

We heard presentations from:

  • Arlene Nelson, The Mayor of the Village of Alix
  • Cody Marshall of Rahr Maltings (event sponsors) gave a history of the company
  • Josée Méthot, Watershed Planning Manager at RDRWA gave a sneak preview of BluePrint: An Integrated Watershed management Plan for the Red Deer River Watershed. Phase 1: water Quality
  • Joanne McMillan of Chain Lakes  gave an update on her discussions with the Government
  • Craig McLeod gave us an update of successes at Gull Lake
  • David Mussel (Gov of Alberta) and Steph Neufeld (RDRWA, ALMS and other hats) gave an update of the work currently being undertaken by the Government and Alberta Water Council on Lake Management
  • Bradley Peter of ALMS gave an overview of the organization and led on a quiz
  • Daryl Borchuk presented Jeff Hanger with a sponsorship cheque from ATCO Gas and ATCO Electric in the amount of $2,500.This is the third year ATCO Gas and ATCO Electric have financially supported the Ambassador Award program at RDRWA
    ATCO Gas          ATCO Electric
  • Ambassador Awards were presented to Lloyd Dahl and Brad Peter (see our newsletter)
  • RDRWA gave an update highlighting our activities and built on our journey for the coming year
  • Kevin Jeroncic presented on Alberta Health Services water sampling program and the proposed Rec Water Management Protocol that is in development by Alberta Health
  • The day concluded with a group of participants heading down to the water’s edge of Alix Lake with Carolyn Ross (Cows & Fish) and Joey Temple (RDRWA)

The feedback was very positive, with a number of people committed to helping with Lake Management Plans in the future.

We have attached some of these presentations from the events, and look forward to seeing you at upcoming RDRWA events

2016 Spring Forum Resources

March 11, 2016 - "Our Lakes Our Legacy"

Recreational Water info:


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