New Watershed Ambassadors Announced


We are very privileged within the Red Deer River Watershed to have so many great people and organizations dedicated to creating a healthy, sustainable and dynamic watershed. The Red Deer River Watershed Alliance is pleased to have an Ambassador Award program established to acknowledge, celebrate, learn from and share the stories of these great individuals and organizations.

At our Spring Forum in Alix we were able to present Ambassador Awards to two awesome individuals: Lloyd Dahl and Bradley Peters

The award to Lloyd Dahl was “well deserved, and long overdue” according to local CAO Tanya Meston. Lloyd has been involved in the good stewardship of Alix Lake for over 25 years (both as an employee of the Village and a volunteer). He has also helped to build the Nature Trails Society that works to protect the lake and its environment.

Through his efforts this has contributed to bank stabilization, improving natural habitats, putting up birds nests and managing the lakeshore. He has been an advocate of the lake for over 25 years, and all of this has raised awareness of lake issues, issues around protecting the lake and how the community can get involved in caring for this resource.

Lake management, and the development of lake management Plans, are key recommendations of the RDRWA, and the volunteer hours that go into this are often overlooked. As is the dedication and knowledge of the volunteers. The RDRWA is very pleased to present this award, and looks to working with the Village on lake and water issues in the future. Thank you Lloyd.

Lloyd Dahl
Jeff Hanger with Lloyd Dahl (L to R) at the RDRWA 2016 Spring Forum.
Photo: RDRWA

The second Award presented at the Spring Forum went to Bradley Peter, the Executive Director of the Alberta lake Management Society.

Brad Peters
Steph Neufeld, of the RDRWA Board presenting the Award to Bradley Peters at the RDRWA Spring Forum.
Photo: RDRWA

It was mentioned during the nomination procedure that “we don’t want to give awards out to people just doing their job”. And the committee agreed that Brad was one of those individuals that did much more than “just his job”.

Bradley has played a key role at the Alberta Lake management Society (ALMS) for a number of years, and has recently taken over as their Executive Director. He has the ability to explain the complicated subject of lake management, lake testing and lake nutrients so naturally that the topics don’t seem all that complicated at all. In 2013 Brad received an Emerald Award for the ALMS LakeWatch program. His video on lake eutrophication is a great educational resource!

Bradley is very empathetic and giving person. He spends much of his free time volunteering for human rights, health, and environmental causes. He is a Director and Public Advocate for Dying With Dignity Canada, Swim Instructor and Volunteer Coordinator at the Paralympics Sports Association, Piano Teacher for disadvantaged inner city youth, and annually leads a bus load of kids on the Nature Alberta Snow Goose Chase. I am exhausted just listing that!

He is also an excellent mentor to LakeWatch staff, helping them to teach about lakes and engage with volunteers throughout Alberta. Bringing LakeWatch to the Red Deer River Watershed (with the RDRWA) will make a big difference in the knowledge gained as well as in engagement of the community in local lake issues and solutions.


The Alberta Lake Management Society actively promotes healthy watersheds through its programs LakeWatch and AWQA. There is also near perfect alignment with RDRW goals: ALMS provides a forum for information exchange and dialogue through its annual workshop, raises awareness on lake and general watershed issues through citizen science programs, and ALMS' workbook promotes the use of best practices and integrated management of land and water resources. ALMS also serves as the representative of the Lake Environment Conservation sector on the water council.

Bradley is actively working with the Red Deer Watershed Alliance to deliver LakeWatch, ALMS' lake monitoring program, to the watershed over the next three years. Up to 15 lakes may be monitored with even more volunteers involved! This is a chance for Red Deer Watershed volunteers to learn about their lake, participate in a water quality monitoring program, and integrate the results into future integrated watershed management plans.

Thank you Bradley, it continues to be a pleasure working with you.

Submitted by Jeff Hanger - Executive Director (RDRWA)


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