End of Year Thank You


2016 has been a busy and eventful year for many of us. Here at the RDRWA, we have been working at a pace that would give even Santa’s Elves a run for their money. 2016 saw us complete Blueprint: An Integrated Watershed Management Plan (Phase One: Water Quality). Our outreach and education program continued to reach out to schools and groups. We launched “X-Stream Science”. We held events in Oyen, Red Deer, Alix, Dry Island Buffalo Jump plus a tour of our headwaters. Our social lab team, Project Blue Thumb, met four times and moved forward on creative work in areas of policy, education, land stewardship, and more.

We built many relationships and addressed important watershed issues along the way. Alluvial aquifers and groundwater, river banking, source water protection, water literacy, lake monitoring - you name it; we probably spent some time working on it. This post is not an attempt to recap absolutely everything we did this year (that will come in the “Annual Report” in June!). Instead, we would like to take the time to:

thank everyone who joined in. Whether you came to an event, took time out of your schedule for a meeting, volunteered on one of our committees, helped with fundraising, shared Blueprint, presented at an event or just tried to inform yourself on the issues - thank-you!

We all have a role to play in watershed management, and contributions from the community - big or small - can really add up.

We would also like to thank all of you who voted for Project Blue Thumb in the Aviva Community Fund challenge this past October. While we did not come away as one of the winners in the “Community Resilience” category, we really appreciate everyone who took the time to vote online.

Of course, a special Thank you goes out to our Board, to Alberta EcoTrust, to the Alberta Lake Management Society, to the other WPACs, to Janessa, Dale and Tjarda for volunteering, to Nature Conservancy Canada, Chinook Edge School Division, Olds College, Partners FOR The Saskatchewan River Basin, Land Stewardship Centre, to the Municipalities and funders that support our work- and to all of our other valued partners!

As we approach the end of what has been a full and lively year, there is still a lot left to say about where we have been, are now, and are going. Please look out for more announcements in 2017 and a Project Blue Thumb blog “2016- A Year in Review”.

Until then, a warm and happy holidays to all.


The staff team at the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance

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