Project Blue Thumb: 2016 In Review and 2017 Update


It is amazing to think that Project Blue Thumb is two years old already. In early 2015, we were just working to establish the lab team. Since then, a growing team of people from industry, government, and civil society have come together at eight workshops to work on shared water quality and watershed management issues.

We are pleased to share two updates from the lab team:

  • We have published our "2016 Year in Review" - a slideshow of Project Blue Thumb's key accomplishments and learnings in 2016. Check it out here (PDF download). 
  • We are entering Phase II of the lab. Check out our recent blog outlining three strategic shifts in direction. 

Our focus right now is on the development of "Action pathways" to guide the future direction of the lab. We are currently meeting with a range of experts and thought leaders from across Alberta asking about their visions for watershed management and priorities to address water quality issues. We will also be recruiting new participants to join the team.

2016 was a wonderful year of progress for our collective efforts. We are now looking forward to seeing what some added focus and an expanded team will mean for 2017. If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please contact Josée Méthot at 403.340.7379. 

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