RDRWA Outreach Update - Out & About (Feb 2017)


As we start to think of SPRING and imagine the sound of running water we need to take a moment to think about the importance of our most precious liquid resource. 

What better way to do this then by taking part in some of the World Water Day events on March 22nd, 2017. 

Every year on March 22nd, 2017 people across the globe connect with others to recognize the importance of water.  

This year the theme of World Water Day is Why Waste Water?    

World Water Day Poster 2017

For full document: www.worldwaterday.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/.../Fact_sheet_WWD2017_EN.pdf   


The Alberta Government and Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs) are hosting a Social Media campaign #ABWater to increase water and watershed literacy across Alberta the week of March 20 to 24th. Each Day of the week a different topic, for example Wetland Wednesday, will be addressed.  

WATERSHED  An event from the Vatican.  This will be a live-stream from the Vatican on World Water Day. There will be a line-up of inspirational speakers, scientists, youth and business leaders.  

The RDRWA Outreach will be hosting, with partners and the Chinook Edge School Division on March 22, 2017, an event called H20pia. This is the first time we have offered an event like this. We will be bringing students together from a number of schools and immersing them in water and watershed hands-on education. Stay tune to find out more about the success of the event next month.  Take on your own water related project for the day. Investigate what is happening in your area through out the week.

submitted by Joey Temple - Outreach Coordinator

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