Our Summer Staff and a Beaver tail make a splash



As a welcome to the varied and interesting work here at the RDRWA Shawn Abraham- our summer student, and Alexandra Zanussi, our Education Program Coordinator are showing local students from “First Steps and Beyond” how to prepare a bio fact- in this case a Beaver Tail donated by Ellis Bird Farm.

Shawn is currently in his 2nd year of his Biological Sciences (Entomology stream) Bachelor of Science at Red Deer College. He is a great asset at our team, he is a great educator and has a real passion for bugs. All bugs. Big bugs, little bugs, crawling bugs, swimming bugs. He loves to bring science to life for the students in our program, and has been received very well by the schools.

Likewise, Alexandra Zanussi also has a passion for the health of our rivers, lakes and land, with a particular interest in the science behind creating healthy environments. Alexandra was our summer student back in 2014 and has come back to co-ordinate this program with the schools. She has an environmental science degree from Kings University, Edmonton, and is a great asset to the team.

The beaver tail featured has been a great contribution to the school program, which has helped bring the curriculum to life. Beavers play an important role in our watershed- and getting children excited about that will be key to helping us all keep the watershed healthy in the future

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