RDRWA Welcomes New & Returning Board Members


This picture was taken following our AGM held at Deer Valley Meadows. RDRWA staff and board members enjoy lunch in the beauitful surroundings.


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome the new  RDRWA Board Members, and for some it’s a welcome back!  Here are their brief bios, by way of introduction.

We would like to say a Big Thank You to Steph Neufeld, Tom Jackson, Kristen Lorenz and Mark Garneau for their contributions to the RDRWA during their time as directors. 

Environmental and Stewardship

Alia Snivley - Nature Conservancy of Canada 

Alia has been a board member with the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance for the last two years and in that time she has been a great supporter of the RDRWA, has helped with event planning and has been engaged with the Outreach committee. Welcome back to the board Alia!

Agriculture, Business, Industry

JoAnne Volk - Repsol Oil & Gas Canada Inc

JoAnne has a passion for healthy water, and enjoys working for Repsol where she helps to keep our watershed safe, and promote best practices. Welcome to the Board JoAnne!

Municipal Government

Jean Bota - Red Deer County 

 Jean has been a board member and the Board Chairperson with the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance for the last two years. She feels as an elected member of municipal government she plays an important role in advocating for our communities, AAMDC, FCM and municipal, provincial and federal governments when it comes to  improving relationships  and working as a  collaborative group going forward. She is keen on raising awareness of our water issues and concerns, and learning how we as land owners and municipal bodies, can work closely with nature, as opposed to working against nature...Welcome back to the board Jean!

Brenda Knight- Wheatland County 

Brenda has served on the RDRWA board for the last two years which has proven to be a rewarding challenge for her! She has been a great supporter of our events and Project Blue Thumb. Wheatland County is fortunate to have two watersheds that flow through its boundaries so it’s important to be at the table. Welcome back to the board Brenda!

Provincial and Federal departments and agencies, and Academia

Brandon Leask- Alberta Agriculture & Forestry 

As an Agricultural Water Engineer Brandon has had longstanding involvement with the RDRWA including the State of the Watershed Technical Advisory Committee, and the IWMP background technical reports. His family live, work and play in  the Red Deer River watershed , and he  has  personal interests in doing his part to ensure that the watershed is healthy, productive and remains a place to gather. Brandon sat on our board in an appointed position last year so welcome back to the board Brandon! 

Anna Lewis- Curtin University 

Anna holds a Masters in environmental management and a multidisciplinary PhD which focused on frameworks combining environmental and social science frameworks for management outcomes. She is from Australia and would like to learn more about Alberta’s policies and procedures in the environmental sector, to assist research –based activities, and to engage with local professionals. Welcome to the board Anna!

First Nations and/or Aboriginal  

Jennifer Poor

Jennifer is an Anishinaabeg woman, born and raised in Red Deer, Alberta. She is a Pow wow dancer who help found the Red Deer Aboriginal Dance Troupe and instructed Pow wow dance for several year. She has a BA in Psychology through U of C. She is very interested in water, conservation, environmental impact, sustainability and the First Nations connection to Mother Earth. Welcome to the board Jennifer!

Donna Hovsepian

Donna believes in the conservation and protection of water. Water is vital to human’s health, spirituality and is essential for life on earth- plants, biodiversity, wildlife etc. She wants to contribute to the protection, education and conservation of the Red Deer River –a true mountain waterway. Welcome to the board Donna!


Gates Bilodeau 

Gates is the Engineering Operation Manager for the Town of Stettler and has been involved in the field of water treatment since 1988. His passion is to promote positive use of our water source(s) and safe drinking water for all. He believes that we should all work together to know there is a better path, a path that leads to public appreciation for the value of water, investment in our essential water infrastructure, and a better quality of life for our communities. Welcome to the board Gates!


Phil Boehme 

As a Planner for Alberta Environment and Parks, Phil's current work includes the development of a water management plan for the Milk River Basin. He recently developed a Guide to Source Water Protection Planning for the South Saskatchewan Region. His education includes a degree in Environmental Sciences and a Watershed Management diploma, and he is a Professional Agrologist. He is a husband, a father to five amazing children, a Scout leader and a Bishop for the LDS church.

This is a very exciting time for us as an organization and we look forward to our journey together.


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