RDRWA Out & About in the Watershed



Shawn Abraham (RDRWA Outreach Assistant) is teaching the kids how to use microscopes.

The 2017 school season has certainly been a whirlwind! Our Outreach Coordinator Alexandra Zanussi and Outreach Assistant Shawn Abraham attended a record number of 23 schools between May and June! We reached almost every corner of the watershed as we travelled to Rocky Mountain House, Sundre, Eckville, Alix, and Carstairs. We also travelled to Carbon for the first time and spent time with 5 different schools in Strathmore and Hussar. The majority of our time was spent between Grade 2,5 and 8 students, where we taught topics such as wetlands, freshwater, boats and buoyancy and insects! In addition to schools we have been working hard on new outreach material, including a brand new dichotomous key for aquatic invertebrates, new presentations and a new poster to bring on site for events. We would like to thank all the teachers and camp coordinators for inviting us out and we look forward to a strong finish to our wonderful season!

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