RDRWA increases public awareness with new “Watershed” road signs along Alberta Highways



Two new road signs to indicate that you are entering a major watershed were installed within the Red Deer River Watershed recently,following a partnership between the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance (RDRWA) and Alberta Transportation. This is one of the first projects of its kind within Alberta.

The two signs are located on Highway 22, north of Cochrane Lakes and on Highway 54, west of Caroline. “We wanted to increase public awareness of the Red Deer River Watershed” said Jeff Hanger, Executive Director of the RDRWA. “We wanted people to know when they are entering our watershed. The Red Deer River Watershed is home to some of Central Alberta’s finest lakes, world class fishing opportunities, internationally important agricultural resources and some key industries. While many people understand the need to protect our rivers, many don’t understand that streams, wetlands, creeks and other waterways drain into the Red Deer River. These signs are a first step towards learning more about how our shared water resources impact our lives”.

The road signs are a part of the work that the Red Deer River Watershed undertakes to increase awareness, to get people engaged in local issues and share information on water, land use, habitat and key watershed issues.

The signs play a small, but important role in helping people to understand more about the importance of a healthy and resilient watershed, and Alberta’s Water For Life Strategy, a key tenet of which is that “Albertans will have access to the knowledge needed to achieve safe drinking water, healthy aquatic ecosystems and reliable, quality water supplies for a sustainable economy.”

A network of up to 18 of these road signs are planned for locations around Central Alberta, from Clearwater County to Acadia Valley over the next couple of years. 


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