Celebrating Alberta Water Quality Awareness Day


June 5th marked Alberta Water Quality Awareness Day, a province-wide celebration focused on increasing Albertan's awareness and understanding of water quality & watershed health, through hands-on water quality testing & exploration. 

Re-Think Red Deer, along with the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance and Trout Unlimited Canada, partnered to offer a public workshop at Piper Creek Restoration Agriculture Project, where attendees had the opportunity to learn about the Piper Creek project, and the efforts that have been made to  improve the water quality of Piper Creek, and nearby Waskasoo Creek, now and well into the future. Attendees were able to participate in a hands-on opportunity to interpret water quality data logger information, learn about the importance of watershed and source water protection, and conduct simple water quality testing with the experts from Trout Unlimited Canada and the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance! Our thanks to everyone who attended and joined us for an evening of fun, hands-on learning!



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