AGM Highlights and Welcome New RDRWA Board!


A big thank you goes out to our members, supporters and the Board Recruitment committee for helping us build one of our most diverse Boards in a number of years!

Last month, we held our Annual General Meeting at the stunning Deer Valley Meadows site on June 15, 2018. The meeting was successful in electing five new members to our Board as well as welcoming back five returning members. We would like to welcome and introduce: Amy Jin, Michael Dawe, Kevin Ganon, Robert Mills and Adam Minke to the RDRWA board and to congratulate Dale Christan, Kent Dyck, Al Campbell, Mike Iwanyshyn and Natasha Wright on starting another term.

Amy Jin is a science student at Red Deer College and is passionate about protecting and conserving our natural resources and reducing her ecological footprint. She is seeking the opportunity to serve on the RDRWA boards as a way to gather further insights into the world of watershed management and gain hands-on experience. Welcome Amy!

Michael Dawe is a new councilor at the City of Red Deer, and brings his experience in municipality water and wastewater issues to the board of the RDRWA. He is member of a number of local groups and you may know him as a local historian as well. Michael looks forward to making an active contribution to the RDRWA, and I am sure he will.

Kevin Gannon describes himself as a “bilingual, ex- military member with more than 27 years of leadership experience”. Currently the Environmental Services Manager with Sylvan Lake, Kevin offers  a “unique perspective in protecting the environment”. Welcome Kevin!

Robert (Bob) Mills was the MP for Red Deer for a number of years and currently teaches on environment and climate change issues. Bob is currently helping to develop the Rotary Nature Centre at Slack Slough, Red Deer.

Adam Minke obtained his MSc in hydrology at the University of Saskatchewan before his internship with the Canadian International Development Agency, and working with Alberta Environment on flood forecasting. He currently works with the City of Red Deer on mapping, and with GIS. Adam looks forward to bringing his experience and learning to the RDRWA, and we are pleased to have him on our Board.

Welcome all New Board members!

We also had to say goodbye to Dianne Wyntjes who had been on the Board since 2012, Chris Israelson (2014) and Gates Bilodeau (2017). Thank you for your service, not only to our organization, but also to the whole of the Red Deer River Watershed.

2018 AGM Presenters

Carol-Lynn Gilchrist presented some of her wonderful watercolour paintings of the Red Deer River, as a backdrop to the AGM. Carol Lynn’s ‘Life of a River’ series explores themes of water and landscapes of the Red Deer River watershed. Thank you Carol Lynn, for sharing your art with us!

Following the AGM, award-winning biologist and writer Lorne Fitch shared some inspiring stories relating to the importance of conserving our beautiful headwaters and our watershed. He told a story entitled “When the Strawberry Jam Boom Went Bust”. It brought home the point that we need to be diligent in protecting our water resources today and stop taking them for granted so that we have them in the future unlike the homemade strawberry jam.

Myrna Pearman and Claudia Lipski took a number of AGM participants on a very informative nature walk down to the  banks of the Red Deer River at Deer Valley Meadows. Myrna spoke about many different species of birds including the Yellow Warbler, and the aspen tree clones in the area. Myrna also showcased a copy of her newest book “Beauty Everywhere: Photo Essays”. It was an excellent way to end the event. Thank you Lorne, Myrna and Claudia for helping us all learn a little more about life in our watershed!


Thank You,

Jeff Hanger, Executive Director



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