2018 WPAC Summit: Advancing Watershed Planning in Alberta


The 2018 Alberta Watershed Planning and Advisory Council (WPAC) Summit took place from June 19-22, 2018 in beautiful Peace River! The theme of this year's summit was “Source Water to Drinking Water” and featured many sessions that highlighted lessons learned, as well as opportunities for collaborative watershed management within the province of Alberta, as well as B.C. and the N.W.T. 

Approximately 80 Directors and staff from all 11 of Alberta's Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils were in attendance, including the staff of the RDRWA. Summit themes also focused on the need to improve Albertan's water literacy, greater protection of source and drinking water and aquatic ecosystem health, as well as economic sustainability. Expert speakers, multi-stakeholder discussions and new approaches to enable WPAC's to proactively develop recommendations for policy, beneficial management practices, and plan for sustainable use of Alberta's water resources were also key focus areas of the summit. Thanks to our sister organization the Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance for hosting a productive week of learning!


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