RDRWA's Blue Drinks Event


The Red Deer River Watershed Alliance hosted the event, Blue Drinks at Troubled Monk Brewery on August 29th. Blue Drinks, an off shoot for Green Drinks, was a great way to wrap up Water Quality Awareness Month. It was also a valuable opportunity to share some of our initiatives and Action Pathways over some beers. After a short presntation on the Action Pathways, we facilitated a discussion of how community members could contribute to moving them further.

Typically, environmental organizations in Red Deer will host Green Drinks which is an informal gathering of individuals working or interested in environmental matters; events are held all over the world. Blue Drinks is a similar event, through the Canadian Water Network, that typically connects water professionals and students. On occasion, organizations or companies will sponsor the event as a host in order to engage or present on a topic they’d like to share. We felt that a Blue Drinks event in Red Deer was a valuable opportunity to encourage networking and community building with those interested in water matter.

We encourage you to join a Green Drinks event in the future! While the organization is mostly informal, you can usually contact the RDRWA or Rethink Red Deer to hear about the next event. If there’s a specific theme or topic you’d like to talk about, you are welcome to bring that to the group. For a list of upcoming Green Drink events, visit the ReThink events page.


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