AEP Suspends Lake Stabilization Licenses for Buffalo and Gull Lakes


Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) recently announced their decision to suspend lake stabilization licenses for Buffalo Lake and Gull Lake, due to concerns over Prussian carp.

The Prussian carp is a species of wild goldfish, which has been illegally released into a number of waterbodies in Alberta. This invasive fish has established breeding populations across the province and presents a serious threat to local aquatic ecosystems and native fish habitats. Prussian carp have been identified in both the Red Deer and Blindman Rivers, and continue to expand their range within the basin. Currently, water from both rivers is used to stabilize lake levels in Buffalo Lake and Gull Lake for a variety of purposes including enhanced recreational opportunities, agricultural flood control, as well as fish and wildlife habitat enhancement. 

In response to the impending threat posed by the introduction or spread of Prussian carp into Gull Lake or Buffalo Lake, AEP made the decision to suspend lake pumping licenses for a period of five years due to the potential risks associated with diverting water from rivers contaminated with Prussian carp into native uncontaminated lakes. The license will be reviewed on a three-year cycle commencing from the date of suspension, which is in effect until August 28, 2023.  

For more information, please refer to the attached Prussian Carp Frequently Asked Questions  or visit:
To report an Aquatic Invasive Species, please call the Hotline number: 1-855-336-BOAT(2628)

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