Thank You and Farewell to Jean Bota, RDRWA Chair


A big thank you and farewell to Jean Bota for her years of service as RDRWA Chair.

With us, Jean was a great inspiration, a great leader, a great Board Chair and a great organizer. “Listen to the Universe” was one of the key things that we heard from Jean during her time with the RDRWA.

Jean started with us in 2014 and became the Chair in 2015. Her first big project was to partake on our Social Innovation Lab, Project Blue Thumb – Alberta’s first social innovation lab dedicated to addressing water issues.  

Recognizing that watersheds are complex systems, Project Blue Thumb brought together a diverse team of people to design, test, and iterate solutions to water quality challenges.  Jean played a great role in representing Red Deer County- but more than that, she really rolled up her sleeves to get engaged in the discussions and the activities. Jean participated on project AWESOME- “A Watershed Environmental System of Municipal Excellence” which helped develop a questionnaire for municipalities on wetland, and wetland protection.

Jean also played a key part in our recommendations to clarify environmental issues and responsibilities of municipalities in the new MGA. Jean was a great help in this process.

In 2015 and 2016 we developed our Integrated Watershed Management Plan on Water Quality- Blueprint. Jean was a great supporter of this process, helping with the public engagement, discussions with the Board on process and on presenting the final document.

Jean has consistently helped us align with the Red Deer River Municipal Users Group and has played a great bridging role as they developed their primer on “Source Water Quality” and led on the Watershed Charter project.

She will be greatly missed here at the Alliance, but I hope that we continue to seek alignment with the Universe in her absence


Jeff Hanger

Executive Director



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