Alberta Real Estate Foundation funds RDRWA’s “Science & Storytelling” project



June 21, 2019

The Red Deer River Watershed Alliance is pleased to announce we have received funding to support a new “Science & Storytelling” project in 2019/2020.

The Alberta Real Estate Foundation (AREF) has granted $30,000 toward the project, adding to the $3,500 previously granted by the Red Deer and District Community Foundation.  The Alberta Real Estate Foundation funds a diverse range of initiatives that enhance the real estate industry and benefit the people of Alberta. Since 1991, AREF has invested over $20 million in 600 projects across Alberta. The Red Deer & District Community Foundation is the only local charity focused on creating and building permanent endowment that serves central Alberta.

Stories matter. Through this project, the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance will harness the power of local water and land-based stories, complement these stories with science -based messages, and develop a "Story of the Red Deer River watershed" to be shared widely using creative communications.

Imagine if National Geographic journalists came to central Alberta to write about water and land use issues and how they affect local communities. One can assume that they would crisscross an area from the Rocky Mountains to the badlands, asking local people about their stories, taking compelling photos and videos, and then sharing key stories and messages with the world. This project is a bit like that – part science, part story, part communications.

This project will help the RDRWA engage community members across different zones of the watershed, hear local stories, and ultimately build a suite of communications products (e.g., maps, infographics, stories) to engage community members and reach new audiences. The project also supports the implementation of Blueprint: An Integrated Watershed Management Plan for the Red Deer River Watershed (Phase One: Water Quality), including:

Action 1.1: Develop and implement a program to enhance water literacy and counter common water myths for people who live, work, and play in the watershed. 

A sincere thank-you to the Alberta Real Estate Foundation and the Red Deer and District Community Foundation for making this project possible. Stay tuned as the RDRWA announces details in the coming months.

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