Fall Forum & GM - October 2012

The October 25, 2012  Fall Forum and General Meeting - “Fractured Reality: The Convergence of Watershed Management and Land Use Planning” was held in Olds at Olds College.

Forum / GM Presentations can be downloaded below

On Hydraulic Fracturing:

Click here > Kevin Heffernan, President – Canadian Society of Unconventional Resources

Click here > Tracey McCrimmon, Executive Director – Sundre Petroleum Operator’s Group

Click here > Bob Willard, Senior Advisor – Energy Resources Conservation Board

Click here > Steve Wallace, Groundwater Policy Advisor – Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

On the Effects & Response to Accidental Hydrocarbon Release to the Red Deer River:

Click here > Chris Teichreb, Limnologist / Regional Water Quality Specialist, Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, Central Regions

On the Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP) Project Update:

Click here > Dug Major, RDRWA Director and Vice-Chair of the Project Steering Committee

On Educational and Stewardship Outreach and the Watershed Alliance:

Click here > Joey Temple, RDRWA Outreach Coordinator

On Wetlands and their Importance in Land Use and Watershed Management Planning:

Click here > Dr. Abimbola Abiola, Director – Applied Research and Lead Scientist for the Olds College Centre for Innovation

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