Ellis Bird Farm 2019 Bluebird Festival


Ellis Bird Farm’s annual Bluebird Festival fell on a beautiful sunny Saturday in July, and was once again a highly successful event, with close to 350 visitors in attendance! The day kicked off with a spirited musical performance from the ensemble group Jazz Explosion, who serenaded visitors in the sunshine. A wide range of environmental organizations were also in attendance: the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute was onsite demonstrating their new NatureLynx app, NatureKids was on hand to promote nature awareness, and Strix Ecological demonstrated bird banding to attendees. The Red Deer River Watershed Alliance also ran a station designed to educate visitors about wetlands and aquatic invertebrates. Kids and adults of all ages had a great time catching invertebrates, trying to identify them and learning about their unique adaptations to living in water!

This year also marked the 20th anniversary of the Blue Feather awards, and Ellis Bird Farm representatives were pleased to give out the annual Blue Feather Award to Ray and Agnes Woods and to Wim and Marijke Jalink, two Calgary-area couples who have been operating Mountain Bluebird trails in southern Alberta for many years. They were joined by about 15 other past Blue Feather Award recipients for a special Blue Feather Award 20th anniversary reunion. These bluebird trail monitors are to be commended for their significant efforts to help bluebirds and other native cavity-nesting birds in Alberta!

A huge thank you goes to all the visitors who took time to join us on July 13th, and to the staff and volunteers at the Ellis Bird Farm who made the day such a success!



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