Conference Showcases Watershed Approaches Across the Prairie Provinces


The Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin hosted their 2019 conference "Lake Winnipeg: Where Waters Meet" from September 30th - October 2nd in Gimli, Manitoba. The theme of this year’s conference was “Partnerships for Watersheds” and brought together over 130 delegates from across Canada and the United States to highlight both provincial and transboundary watershed issues within the Lake Winnipeg basin.

The Red Deer River watershed is connected to Lake Winnipeg as part of the larger South Saskatchewan watershed, which stretches from the Rocky Mountains in Alberta all the way to Winnipeg, with the Saskatchewan River Basin's waters eventually entering Lake Winnipeg.

Red Deer River Watershed Alliance (RDRWA) staff members Rosemarie Ferjuc and Josée Méthot, as well as Mike Murray from the Bow River Basin Council (BRBC) travelled to Gimli as part of the Alberta delegation representing our 11 Provincial Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils!

Rosemarie and Mike co-delivered a presentation on ‘Collaborative Watershed Management in Alberta’, and profiled the unique role of Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs) as place-based, multi-sector organizations which foster collaboration at the watershed level, creating opportunities for stakeholders to come together, share resources, and explore innovative solutions to water management challenges in Alberta.

Rosemarie, Mike and Josée were honoured to represent Alberta WPACs, and for the opportunity to learn from other jurisdictions within the Saskatchewan River Basin as they tackle complex watershed management issues across the prairie provinces.

Thank you to the dedicated team of staff, board and volunteers from the Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin for putting on an informative and educational conference! Stay tuned for details on the 2020 Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin Conference, which will take place in Saskatoon.



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