RDRWA 2020 AGM, Membership and Board elections.


Please join us for our 2020 AGM on Friday July 10th online!

From 9:30 am to 12:00 pm we will have presentations from a number of key experts on the watershed, plus our regular AGM. This will be another engaging and informative AGM where we can bring the best of our wonderful watershed to you!

As well as the presentations, the AGM will include:

  • Approval of Minutes from 2019 AGM
  • Overview of 2019/20 activities and achievements
  • Treasurers Report/ Review of 2019/20 Accounts
  • Work plans and budget for 2020/21
  • Vote on the 2020/21 Board
  • (No proposed bylaw changes were received this year)

We need you though to register early, as this will be our first online AGM. The AGM will be open to all members of the RDRWA, and remember membership is free.

Please remember- to vote at the AGM you will need to be a member. Receipt of the E Newsletter is no longer confirmation that you are currently a member.

If you are currently a member and wish to renew please drop Kelly an E mail at info@rdrwa.ca

If you do not believe you are a member, but wish to become one please see our membership webpage and apply online: https://www.rdrwa.ca/node/225

RDRWA members may also wish to stand for election to the RDRWA Board. As you may know we have a number of categories: Environmental and Stewardship; Agriculture & Business/ Industry; Aboriginal or First Nations; Municipal Government; Provincial, Federal & Academic; Individual Board Position.

To potentially join the Board, please see our website: https://www.rdrwa.ca/node/92 and email Kelly at info@rdrwa.ca  if you wish to attend our online “Board Recruitment Night” on Monday June 1st from 4pm to 5pm.

Remember- as a Watershed Planning and Advisory Council we value your input into our work helping to ensure the watershed remains healthy, sustainable and dynamic.

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