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Here at the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance we share your passion for the creeks, streams, fish, wildlife, rivers and landscapes that support the 375,000 people that live in the watershed

All too often we see the disconnect between people and water, between land use decisions and water issues, between the planned and the actual. Since 2005, the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance has been working to bridge these gaps, acting as a forum for community members to learn, discuss watershed issues, and find ways forward. 

As your local Watershed Planning and Advisory Council, the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance works on key initiatives ranging from environmental stewardship projects, watershed planning and research to raising public awareness through education and community events- helping to ensure a legacy of ecological integrity and economic sustainability for our watershed.

Your support makes a real difference! For every dollar you give to the RDRWA, ATB will increase it by 15%. This allows us to continue our work in ensuring our watershed remains sustanable, healthy, and dynamic.

If you would like to make a small gift to RDRWA, please donate below.

If you would like to become a member please click  here .You will be the first to hear about upcoming news and events in our watershed!




ATB Cares

ATB Financial has put up $100,000 to match 15% of all donations to Alberta charities through up to a maximum of $1000 in matching per donation.

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