Surface Water Quality Report Published: Aug 1, 2012


Red Deer - The Red Deer River Watershed Alliance has published a background technical report on surface water quality. The publication will be one in a series of reports that will form the basis for the development of the Alliance’s Integrated Watershed Management Plan.

“Surface water quality was discussed at length by public and stakeholders in a consultation process that took place earlier this year said Gerard Aldridge, Executive Director. “Many of those comments were incorporated into the final report.

The report, titled “Draft Site-Specific Water Quality Objectives for the Red Deer River Basin with Emphasis on the Mainstem” was prepared by Dr Anne-Marie Anderson with scientific and technical input from the Alliance’s Technical Advisory Committee.

Aldridge noted that the report can be downloaded from the Alliance’s website, which also includes information on the consultation process and how input was used in the development of the report.

The Alliance is now preparing the next background technical report, which focuses on riparian areas, wetlands and land use. The Alliance has hired Calgary-based O2 Planning+Design to coordinate the research and write the report and the Technical Advisory Committee has been expanded to include technical teams with expertise in the three areas.

“We expect to bring the draft technical report on riparian areas, wetlands and land use to public and stakeholders in November 2012,” said Aldridge. “After that, we expect to be addressing water quantity and ground water, with a plan to bring that report to the public later in the spring of 2013.”

More information is available on the Alliance’s website (, by emailing, or calling 403-340-7379. The Alliance also has a Facebook page and is on Twitter.

The Red Deer River Watershed Alliance is a multi-sector, non-profit organization that promotes the good use and proper management of water in the Red Deer River watershed. The Alliance was created in September 2005 and is one of 11 Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils, which are part of Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy.

For more information on the surface water quality report and to download a copy, go here.


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