Watershed Alliance's Lake Days Make a Splash: July 25, 2012


The Red Deer River Watershed Alliance (RDRWA) invites Albertans to come out to "Lake Days" to learn about and connect with the local watershed and those living in it, meet local watershed groups, and learn more aboutwater quality in Alberta. Lake Days is in support of Alberta Water Quality Awareness (AWQA); a province-wide program focused on increasing people's awareness and understanding of water quality and watershed healththrough hands-on water quality testing.

"Our first two Lake Days events were a big hit. Those taking part were excited to learn what lives in their watershed and about factors that impact water quality." says Gerard Aldridge, RDRWA Executive Director.
In all, the RDRWA, with sponsorship from the Red Deer River Municipal Users Group (RDRMUG) offered four distinct opportunities to participate in Lake Days – two have passed; two yet to come:

  • Saturday, May 26 - Burnstick Lake - SUCCESS!
  • Saturday, June 9 - Buffalo Lake - SUCCESS!
  • Saturday, July 29 - Coleman Lake and Sheerness Cooling Pond at the Prairie Oasis Park - SUCESS!
  • Saturday, August 11 - Wolf Lake - SUCCESS!

Aldridge adds, "On July 29th, participants made use of AWQA water quality test kits and the guidance of the RDRWA Outreach Team to explore the health of two bodies of water. First, Coleman Lake as it relates to wildlife and waterfowl and then Sheerness Cooling Pond for its many important uses to Albertans. Participants will be contributing to snap shots of water quality in the Province."

Using the test kits, participants will gather basic information about the health of the water and the findings willbe entered and shared via the AWQA online database and watershed map. With other related activities and lunch provided, those who attended had a fun filled day of learning and sharing in the watershed.

The events were open to all individuals in Alberta at no cost. For more information please contact Jaycee Walker, Water Relations Coordinator at 403-340-7379, or email jaycee.walker@rdrwa.ca


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